Patient Tracking System

Web Application

Project Description

Patient Tracking System is used by Healthcare Centers to track the Patients’ status during their Therapeutic period by generating Calls lists according to pre-defined rules.


Patient Tracking System Benefits in Details:

1. Full definition of Patients, Doctors, Hospitals and Products.

2. Keep track of the Patient’s Follow-ups, Medications, and Education.

3. Creating user groups and giving specific permissions to each group.

4. Assigning call list to each user from the Call Center group when he/she is logged in to the system according to a pre-defined quota.

5. Using TAPI to enable users’ PCs to use telephone services so they can start the call from the application and when they receive a call from a patient, this patient’s profile is automatically opened for the user.

6. The application also contains many reports, graphs and charts to check the status of the patients and the productivity of the users.


Patient Tracking System is a Web Application developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 With ASP.NET 4.0, JQuery and C#.
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