IMS Automation

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IMS Automation (In Market Sales Automation)

- In Market Sales Automation system is a sales tracking tool used by pharmaceutical companies.
- IMS Automation keeps track of the Customers (Pharmacies, Hospitals, etc.) Sales by uploading Sales files that comes from the Distributors and analyzing them and also automates the salesmen tracking along with incentive calculation and plan for tracking salesman visits and activities.

It also defines Targets for Products Sales in the different locations and compares the salesman actual sales with the defined Target using the relation between salesmen, products and locations.
- IMS Automation contains many
reports for sales reviewing and comparisons. 


IMS Automation Benefits in Details:

1.       Keeps track of company basic data (locations, products, distributors, salesmen, etc.)

2.       Setting salesmen hierarchy.

3.       Bind salesmen to locations and products in a certain period.

4.       The option to process the data on the level of the customers (pharmacies, hospitals…).

5.       Handling the shared (two or more salesmen) locations and product automatically using the rules feature. 

6.       Keep track of product codes and location codes of distributors to allow imports sales files from them.

7.       Various reports showing sales by date, locations, salesmen and products.

8.       Incentive module calculates incentive for salesmen according to their ranks and can be customized for company’s rules.

9.       Target modules allows saving of target per product, per location and various reports comparing target to actual sales and to previous year sales.

10.   System allows taking backup of data easily.

11.   Adjust sales in case of salesmen reallocation.

12.   There are two methods for importing data: manual by entering sales and automatic by importing sales files from distributors.

13.   Mapping of multiple locations of distributor to a single location according to company’s locations.

14.   Mapping of multiple products of distributor to a single products according to company’s products.

15.   Strong administration module allowing grouping of users.

16.   Secure application: only pages allowed for user will be visible to him.


IMS Automation is a Web Application that is developed using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with ASP.Net 3.5 and C#. It also uses Crystal Reports.


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